Going With the Flow

This has been an absolutely amazing experience.  I feel so blessed by everyone around me.  I can’t even explain what all of this means to me.

Last night, after we got home from talking to my parents and having dinner with them, we decided to post announcements on Facebook.  Partially to tell everyone at once, and partially to play a game.  We wanted to see who could get more likes on their photo, and we were pretty neck and neck until I changed the picture to my profile picture, which I think knocked my announcement photo off the News Feed.

Anyway, as of right now, we have a combined total of 300 likes on our announcements.  Three hundred.  This completely blows my mind.  We’ve had absolutely nothing less than support and complete excitement.

We’ve had multiple, multiple people how great of parents we’re going to make.  People have told us how lucky this baby is going to be to have a family so full of so much love.  I was told that Erin and I are a true testament to what true love really is.  One of my friends asked me to adopt her too while we were at it.  My friend Amanda has been swooning over the news since she found out and already wants to go and buy stuff for the baby.  (Go right ahead, Amanda!  We won’t say no!!)

This journey has been an absolute roller coaster from the time we were “asked” about adopting to now and I’m sure it’ll continue into the future.

Erin and I hadn’t planned on adopting or having kids for a couple of years.  Our grand plan was to wait until Erin finished graduate school.  We were in the early planning stages of pregnancy, and everything was going exactly the way we had seen it going in our minds.  But then, we had a wonderful opportunity and blessing bestowed upon us.  We were approached by someone who knew we wanted kids and asked to adopt.

We were chosen by this person.  This person believed that we would be able to parent her child in a way that the child deserved, and she wanted us to adopt.  At that point, we were faced with a situation most gay couples don’t ever find themselves in: An unplanned pregnancy.  What were we going to do?

We had two choices, and they were pretty obvious ones at that: parent this child or possibly regret not taking this chance for the rest of our lives.

We have, obviously, decided to say yes.

We put our faith in the Gods and decided to ride this crazy ride to see where it would lead us, and the path has been an overwhelmingly emotional and intensely exciting journey.  The love and support we’ve gotten has made me breakdown into tears on multiple occasions, and I am so happy to have all these world people in my life.  We are truly blessed people.


Now on to start planning the nursery (Harry Potter theme!) and the baby shower!!

P.S. – This just in: the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals found Virginia’s marriage bans to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL!  We’re one step closer in SC because that ruling affects us too!!!!  Maybe SC won’t be the last state in the U.S. to allow gay marriage after all. 🙂


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