An Update and An AWESOME EXCITING Story

Erin, our friend Ashley, and I all went to check out this new church called Unity today.  It’s very similar to Jubilee! in Asheville, and we really liked it, so we’re going to be going back next weekend.  It was nice to finally find a place that was welcoming to “the gays” and “the pagans” while still doing some form of actual worship.

We got more out of this service that we ever go out of the last four or five visits to the UU combined.  It was amazing.  I’m so grateful to all my friends who suggested we try them out.  It was definitely worth it.

That was my update….

…Now for the story.

Two years ago, one of my coworkers (who’s a friend) randomly went down to visit another coworker because the rumors were that she had absolutely everything a person would need for their classroom.  They got to talking and became fairly close.  Well, one day, she asked my coworker-friend if she would mind watching her grandchild for a day or two.  My coworker said sure, not a problem.

Well, it started this cycle of my coworker-friend keeping this baby for extended periods of time, sometimes months on end.  The baby started calling her mom, even.  The last time this happened, they said they couldn’t do this anymore because it was getting to hard to have to give her back all the time.  So they didn’t keep her for awhile.

Jump ahead to this year, and she’s being asked again to watch the baby.  My coworker-friend said that if they watched this baby again, this was the last time time.  If they wanted her to keep the baby, they were going to let her keep the baby.  The birth mother agreed and surrendered her rights to the child to my coworker.

When she started telling me this story, I thought, “Dang.  I really wish the Gods would just bless me like this with a child… Just sorta drop on on my lap like that and all.”

Jump ahead again to a few months ago: a mutual friend of Erin and I is pregnant.  She had decided of her own free will that she cannot emotional or financially support this child and has chosen to put the baby up for adoption.  She knew that we wanted to have kids (even though we were planning on waiting for a few years), and she asked us if we were interested.

We looked over our finances, talked about it for awhile, and really prayed and thought about what this would mean for us.  We then came back and told her yes.

WE’RE ADOPTING A BABY!!!  The baby is due February 3, 2015!  We’ve gotten the money together, we’re talking to a lawyer, and we’re getting a home study done very, very soon!!!



Bot of our families are absolutely thrilled and excited for us.  We’re probably going to fly Erin’s mom in from Michigan when the baby is born.  When we told her on the phone today, she said, “This is so exciting!  I’d almost given up on you!”  My mom started crying when we gave her the card and she attached one of the ultrasound photos onto their fridge.  She said, “I knew it was either that you were adopting or getting married, but either way, the news would have been really exciting!”

It’s been really crazy here with all the legal stuff, but we’re trying to work it so that we can both adopt legally and then not have to pay the fees a second time once the laws change.  It’s legal to do all that here, it just depends on the judge that you get.

This has been what all my vague-blogging has been about.  I just didn’t want to say anything until it was a done deal!


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  1. Yayyy! ❤ May all work out exactly as you wish.

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