On Faith…

I’m not entirely sure where to begin this post.  I can’t fully divulge every tiny detail, but I promise all will be revealed in the next two weeks.

This past year, a situation happened with a coworker, and while she was telling me the whole story, I silently thought, “I wish the Gods would give me an opportunity like this.”

And now we’re less than a year later, and holy shit… I have the same opportunity, if not potentially better.

But the only problem is, there is a lot of stress that comes with said opportunity…  The next few days, weeks, months are going to busy.

At one point, Erin had her arms around me as I cried into her shoulder.  I’ve been so super emotional the last few weeks.  I told her about my fear and worries, but I finished it up with, “But I know the Gods wouldn’t bring us this far and not give us a way out.”

This is where my faith comes into play.  For the last couple of years, I have placed the Gods first in my life above all else.  I pray for guidance with all my decisions to make sure I’m on the right path, and ever sense then, things have always worked out well for me.  I’m not going to say that we’ve had smooth sailing because even good situations can be stressful and a lot of work, but everything has been, for the most part, very positive.  And with every blessing and with every bump, I give thanks to the Gods, through prayer, for their continued support and guidance.  They truly come first in my life.

My faith tells me that the Gods have my back.  It tells me that They wouldn’t give me an amazing opportunity without the ability to see it through to the end.  We may have bumps in the road along the way, but things will work out.  If the Gods will it, so shall it be.


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  1. Good luck! Sometimes its best to take the chance and let the road take you away.

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