O is for… Omnipotence.

“Nothing can come between
You and I
Not even the gods above
Can separate the two of us”

– One Direction, You and I

Erin and I were driving… somewhere…  I don’t really remember where, and it’s not even that important, honestly.  And this song came on.  It’s a song by One Direction (this generation’s version of Backstreet Boys or NSync) called You and I.  It’s your stereotypical I’ll-love-you-forever-and-ever song, but this one has some lyrics that made me stop.

“Did he just says ‘gods‘?”

Why yes, he did.

I’m going to go off on a side rant here for a second: I really wish there was more pagan spiritual music that didn’t sound like heavy metal or celtic folk.  If anyone knows of any, please… PLEASE share it with me.  I absolutely would love some pagan music that’s more pop or alternative rock-ish.  I’ve gotten into this thing where I’m basically taking mainstream music and using it at spiritual music. All creation sings of wisdom and God, afterall.

Anyway, so we here this song and then Erin says, “You know, I don’t know if I’d really ever say that… I don’t feel comfortable tempting the Gods in that way.”

I agreed with her.

Lots of pagans have differing definitions of “the higher powers” and how far its higher power can go.  Some may not believe that there is any higher power controlling anything, but that we’re all connected by the spiritual energy found in us all.

For me, the Gods are omnipotent, which means I believe that They have unlimited power.  This doesn’t mean that they constantly control everything, but that they could if they wanted to.

Some sects of Christianity believe that the Christian God controls everything along with His unlimited power, which makes me wonder, then, why such bad things happen.  It’s a questions that comes up quite a bit.  Some will say that the Christian God is testing the faith of His followers and people.  Some will say that bad things happen to bad people, and that because of sin, there ARE NO good people.

For me, The Second Law of Thermodynamics explains why bad things can sometimes happen.  Now, there are probably a lot of people out there who’s head might start spinning because I suggest that science can explain my faith, and my explanation may be a bit shaky, but work with me.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that entropy (or the tendency for disorder) never decreases in a system.  Disorder is always increasing.

Disorder can mean any number of things, but I like to think of things in a very basic manner:  Order is Good, Disorder is Not-As-Good.  I don’t mean a cluttered room when I say disorder in this sense, although the Second Law might.  I’m saying when bad things happen in our lives, that our lives are in a state of disorder, and these things tend to happen.

So if this disorder is supposed to increase, why don’t our lives continuously get worse? The Gods.

The Gods have the ability to affect change in our lives.  They have the ability to make anything They want to happen, happen.  This is why They’re Gods.  This is why people call on Them for help.

On that same note, however, they can take things from us if they want.  They can decide to make something bad happen in our lives, if they wanted to.  The Bible itself is fully of stories of the Christian God bringing bad things down on people because He wanted them to happen.  There are stories about Ra and the destruction of mankind.  The Gods aren’t perfect.  They’ve hurt people in the past.

So why on Earth would anyone tempt them to do it again?

I’m not saying that we should fear the Gods, although that’s what it sounds like to some extent.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but from experience, the Gods bless us with everything we need right when it is that we need it.  They help to keep our lives out of that disorder and bad, and help us get out of it when we end up in it.  I don’t believe that all problems can be solved by prayer, but I believe prayer can help.  If anything, it gives us a way to take our stress and lessen it, to rid ourselves of negative emotions.

Those of you that are reading my other blog are probably all thinking, “Why don’t you take your own advice??”  And I’m trying to honestly, but I’ll be the first to say that this is easier said than done… To recognize the omnipotence of the Gods and allow Them to work in our lives for the greater good.  It’s not easy, but if we can, the benefits can be so rewarding.


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  1. Check out VNV Nation for music if you haven’t heard of them yet. I’ve been a fan of them for YEARS, and it’s super easy to take their songs in a spiritual context – on some of them it’s impossible not to think that’s how they meant it. I even have a line from one of their songs inscribed on my altar… “I will hold you still every second of every hour, let your actions speak your will.”

  2. Once the Muggle and I were out at a local RSL club playing pool. Two old guys were waiting for us to finish, and I only had the 8 ball left. I’m not the greatest player, and it was going to be a very tricky shot. “If I’m meant to get this in, I’m sure the Gods will make it so.” I said jokingly. “I wouldn’t put too much faith in them, love” one of the old guys said.

    I made the impossible shot.

    I personally don’t “fear” the Gods, but there are some individuals that I’m very cautious around because I’m terrified of insulting them if I don’t do something in a way that they approve of when asking for their assistance.

    And I’m yet to find music that is Pagany without being typical. Some Spiral Dance tracks are a bit more rockish, Dandelion Wine, I’ve got them on a mix CD and they’re a little more techno mixed with Celtic elements (lightly mixed). Peter O’Callaghan is another from the same mix CD that isn’t typical. They’d be more trancy than pop. What about SJ Tucker?

    • Oh! Youtube “The Crooked Fiddle Band”. They’re an Aussie band who’s playing at an event I’m going to this weekend, so I’m finally giving them a listen to.

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