The Netjeru

So I’m taking the beginner’s class for the Kemetic Orthdox Faith, and we’ve only had the first lesson and the first half of the second lesson, but I’ve learned quite a few things so far…  And it’s making me challenge a lot of my core beliefs about faith in general, but also strengthened my faith in unimaginable ways.  I’m really glad that I did this.

I have always believed that the Gods choose us, and not the other way around.

One thing I’ve fully believed from the time I was 16 to now is that I was chosen by Bast.  She came to me in a vision-dream one night, and I’ve felt her presence ever since then.  In this dream, I was feeling lost, abandoned, alone. Bast came to me in the form of a giant black cat, curled up on my stomach while I lay in bed.  I pet this cat and felt comforted, and I heard Bast’s voice in my mind telling me that all would be well and that I was loved and cared for just as I was.  When I woke, my hand dropped to my stomach and I still felt the fur on my skin where we’d touched.

This class has thrown these thoughts, not into full chaos, but definitely shaken them some.  The KO believe that you have divine parents in the Netjeru who want to have a relationship with you.  A lot of times, people are brought to the KO faith by Bast and Yinepu (Anubis), but they aren’t the parent figures…  So this got me to thinking, is Bast not my divine parent as I had previously thought?  Is there someone else out there who I don’t know about?

And how do I go about figuring all that out?  Maybe it’ll come up in some later lesson, but I struggle with impatience.

It’s excitement, I know it is.  I’ve never taken a spiritual class before that so closely matches what I currently already believe about the Gods and creation, so I’m excited.  Is there anyone out there who has experienced this and has any advice?

(P.S. – I realize this is a small post, but Erin and I are going out of town this weekend and I need to finish the shopping for our vacation before she gets off work!)


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