Whew.. Glad this is almost done.

The week in this class is wrapping up, and the KO class hasn’t fully begun yet, so the week wasn’t as intense as I was expecting it to be.  I finished the final project on Monday and then spent the next three days worrying about if it was “good enough” for the grade I wanted, which really meant I was worried if it was going to be the best on in class (because perfectionist).  I finally came to the conclusion and understanding that it probably wouldn’t be the best project in the class, but it was good enough for me and for the professor; therefore, I’m no longer freaking out about it.

Tomorrow is the last day of class, and I’m hoping we get out early because…. LINDSEY STERLING!  lindsey-stirling-15257Erin bought us tickets for our one year anniversary and the concert is TOMORROW!  ZOMG, I am SO EXCITED!  I am pretty sure I could listen to her music every day for the rest of my life and NEVER get bored of it.  If you haven’t heard of this woman, you need to stop EVERYTHING you are doing right now and YouTube her.  She makes every song on the face of the planet better.

But also, I’m obsessed with electric violin, so maybe I’m biased.

I’ve gotten a few interesting perspectives on the world around me this week involving my tolerance level for people and how bad the world can be around us and how amazing the Gods blessings have been in my life.

1) Literalist Christians cannot, in my opinion, effectively teach science.

I am taking a graduate level science class through Clemson University.  As a teacher, we get paid on our level of education, but we also have to get recertification points over a period of five years to renew our teaching credentials.  I’m lucky in that the school that I teach at pretty much offers all the classes and points we need each year for free, but some schools don’t OR the teacher doesn’t have a masters, which means they HAVE to take classes on the graduate level.  At this point, most SC teachers go ahead and get their Masters degree.

I’m taking the classes to get my +30, which will increase my pay to the level that’s worth it to teach at the secondary level (the doctorate pay level is higher, but it’s not worth it.  Most people who have doctorates get paid a lot more working somewhere else.)  Anyway, there is another teacher in this class who has, on multiple occasions, made it well know that he is a literalist Christian.  He firmly believes that everything it the Bible is a truth.  He believes that the world was created in literally 7 days… That people use to live to be 700+ years old… etc.

He asked the professor why she thought people didn’t live to be 700 years old anymore, and I wanted to shout that they never did to begin with, but I didn’t.  I bit my tongue like I usually do because these conversations are not worth it.  We’re not here to debate the Bible against evolutionary evidence; we’re here to learn about genetics.

Well, today… I couldn’t do it.  We had a molecular geneticist and an evolutionary biologist in the room and he said, “I think it would be a great idea to teach creationism next to evolution.”

And before I could stop myself, I said, “Which creation?”

To which he shrugged me off and said, “Any of them, all of them, I don’t care.”  Great!  I’ll teach Kemetic Creationism with my Evolutionary Biology because that will go over oh so well.  I will not teach Christianity in my Science classroom.  I don’t give a damn if it ever becomes a standard (because SC is trying to make it that way), I will not teach it.  The. End.

I don’t understand how someone can be a literal Christian and be a science teacher.  It blows. my. mind.

2)  Our water is actually really, really disgusting. 

Clemson and the surrounding areas pull their water off of Lake Hartwell.  Usually, this isn’t a problem, but it was abnormally cold for an extended period of time this winter and now it’s unseasonably hot.  This has caused the algae in Lake Hartwell to overgrow, which means there’s an excess of living and dead algae floating around in the water.  The treatment companies couldn’t get it under control before it started getting into the water.  Now, algae isn’t dangerous.  It just doesn’t taste all that great and it’s not really the best smelling then either.

I’m not sure if they got overwhelmed with the algae or if there was a second problem, but the water company lost control of one of their treatment reactors (or whatever they’re called), and basically put most of Anderson and all of Clemson under a boil water warning until further notice.  At first it was “just don’t drink or cook with it.”  Tonight, we’re not supposed to even touch the water.

This is absolutely terrifying.  What makes our water so bad we can’t even wash our hands?  Now, if I was at home, this wouldn’t be too big of a deal because I can skip a shower for a day and not really panic, but I’m not at home.  I’m living in a box with no way to boil my water.  There aren’t any pots or pans here.  Now, I know I can go and buy water, but it really got me thinking about two things: 1) All the people across this planet who can’t just go out and buy clean water and how absolutely terrifying that is and 2) How bad our water really is behind the scenes.  They treat it with all this stuff to make it safe because it actually ISN’T safe.  Think about that for a moment.  That’s really terrifying too.

3) Love is an insanely powerful emotion.

I haven’t seen Erin since Sunday because of this class.  It’s a lot of gas to drive back and forth from where we live to Clemson.  It can be done, but it’s not exactly a way to save money.  Not to mention, the school gives us free room and a meal plan while we’re here.  This has been a crazy week for Erin too.  Her final was this week for her graduate class and she was busy stressing and studying for it while trying to hold the house down without me there to help her.  I’m sure I provide more of a distraction though.

She passed her class with a B, which is fantastic!  She worked really hard these last ten weeks; however, she has a second exam that she can take.  She’s three points away from an A, so she’s going to try going or the A.  She can’t make lower than what she already has, so she might as well go for it.  If everyone wants to keep her in their thoughts and prayers, it would mean a lot to us.  She just wants to do her absolute very best.

But this week has been insanely hard for me.  I miss Erin entirely too much for my own good (if that’s even possible).  That emotion of missing her mixed with the water situation here make me second guess staying another night, but we talked about it and decided it was best for me to stay.  It’s not worth spending all that gas just for one night when we’re going to see LINDSEY STERLING tomorrow (yes, I must write her name in all caps, all the time).

This blog has been fairly random, but I guess I need to finish up my PBP blog for this week… or rather start it…


P.S. – I YouTube’d LINDSEY STERLING for you: HERE

You’re welcome.


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