How Much Difference a Few Days Makes

I’m sitting in a four-bedroom apartment style dorm at a local University right now.  No one else is here, and I hope that I’m not the only one in this room because that could make for a fairly boring week.

As a teacher, we get paid based on our level of education and our years of experience.  The lowest level is a bachelors, the highest is a doctorate (although, if you have a doctorate degree, you might as well not work in the public schools because you’d get paid more working elsewhere).  Right now, I’m paid on the Masters level pay scale, but I’m working towards my Masters +30, which is the next level up from mine.  The one between the Masters and the Doctorate.

Anyway, to do that, I have to complete a total of 30 hours of graduate classes, which is approximately 10 classes, in seven years.  This is my third year, and by the end of this summer, I’ll be 12 hours (four classes) in.  Once I get these classes done, though, it means I’ll get a pay raise of about $3,000 a year.  The problem with these classes, though, is that they take up an insanely great amount of time.  I’m usually pulling 12 or so hour days with class and projects/assignments.

The one that I’m in now runs from tomorrow until Friday, but check in at the school was today.

On top of this, the class I’m taking through the Kemetic Orthodox Temple starts TOMORROW as well, according to the e-mails I’ve been getting, so it’s looking like a fairly busy week for me.

What I’m trying to say is… this week may be a busy blogging week (if I’m totally bored with nothing to do other than work I will probably procrastinate on) or you won’t hear from me until Saturday.  The class is over Friday, yes, but Erin bought tickets to go see LINDSEY-freaking-STERLING on Friday in Charlotte and I am SOOOOOO excited!!!  It’s going to be amazing.

Also, in other exciting news, the title to my car came in the mail!  Yay!  It’s all mine!  *happy dance*


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  1. Oh, wow. That *is* a busy week!

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