A Journey in Flooring… Continued

So last weekend, I had this great idea that I was going to, with the help of my amazing girlfriend and some friends, rip up my carpet and put in flooring.  Now, it’s not hardwood flooring because that’s too expensive and it gets damaged and scratched easily.  Plus, I’ve heard it’s a pain to install.  It’s laminate flooring, but it’s the high end stuff.  It cost a pretty penny, but by doing the install myself, all I had to do was pay for the supplies.

Last weekend, Erin got really good at doing everything, and when L left, we continued on working that night and then again all day the next day.  We ran out of time again because we didn’t want to be those neighbors who saw into the late hours of the night.  We cut everything off at nine to be nice, and we were almost… almost… done.

We decided that we’d work on the floors on Tuesday and Thursday this week since those were our early days off work.  Well, Tuesday, I get a call from the fostering group I volunteer for.  They had an emergency pull from the shelter and needed a foster for a mother cat and three kittens until the kittens were weaned and could go to a rescue.  If they weren’t out by the end of the day, they were going to be put down.  Of course, I said yes.  I told her they’d have to stay in the bedroom because the basement housed our cats for the time being while the floors were getting done.  She said that was fine… so Tuesday after work, I went straight home and the straight to the shelter to pick up a Photo May 09, 11 13 57 PMmomma cat and her three impossibly tiny kittens.

The mother is very nice, attentive, and loving.  She has no problem with us handling her babies, and knows we won’t hurt them.  One is solid black, one is a torti (both girls) and this chubby little one in the picture is a boy.  The fur on his face makes him look like he has a mustache.

Well, Thursday rolls around, and it’s my day to run the state-exam review after school, so I don’t leave until almost five.  I get home, change, and then Erin and I are off to the County Science Teacher banquet, so flooring Thursday was a wash as well.  We got to listen to this really awesome talk about how fungi can basically save the planet, and I got a certificate for being name an “Outstanding Science Teacher for 2014.”  Plus, we got fed Italian food, which was yummy.

Needless to say, we didn’t do squat on the floor this week.  It made for a fairly stressful week of being entirely unable to find ANYTHING.  Luckily, my family helped us out by feeding us and letting us come hang out at their place so Erin could take her test for graduate school (she got a 100!).

So today was the day!  We got up when the alarm went off, and then got out of bed some time after that.  I made breakfast and then we started working.  And then it rained, so we studied Spanish with DuoLingo.  Then we started working again.  Then it rained again.  Then we started working a third time… and got all the flooring laid with most of the quarter round in.  We still have about half the quarter round left to do, plus the reducers for the kitchen and the half-bath on that floor… and the stair lip.

But we got enough done to where I could sweep and mop the floors and we could get the some of the furniture set back up.  And the house looks so much better.  If this wasn’t my house, I’d be totally jealous.  😉

Beyond that, though, I’m super proud of this accomplishment. I can happily say, “Hey, look at this sexy floor.  I helped install it.”


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