Or How I Spent My Weekend Getting Faith Back in the Younger Generations.

There are times in my job where it is difficult not to worry about our planet’s future.  The system is failing, and sometimes it’s just sad how it affects my students.

Last week and this weekend was a bad time to decide to put in new floors, but one thing leads to another and it was either this weekend or June/July.  Let me back up… This all started when I had a party a few months back.  We started talking home remodeling, and I mentioned how I wanted to get rid of all my carpet on the main floor because it’s horrible and it sucks, but I didn’t have the money to hire someone to come in and do it.  My friend, L, who was there, said that she knew how to do the floors, and if I bought the stuff, she’d come over and show me and help me out.  Well, Erin, of course, was all about it.

Within the next two or so weeks, I’d bought all the supplies.  L and I talked dates, and last weekend, May 3rd, was the only day she had open between then and mid-to-late June and July.  It was this weekend or it was a long time away, but because this is such a busy time of the year (exams, travel, work) and it was Cinco de Mayo, and there was a huge fundraiser going on with a local group that everyone was going to, finding help was really, really difficult.

There were a lot of people who wanted to come and help, but the dates for them were just wrong.  When L asked me how many people were coming to help us, I responded, “Well, it could be anywhere from 9 or 10 to none.”  We ended up with six over the span of two days, and almost all of them were current and former students, either from the GSA or from my classes.

We worked from 6PM to midnight on Friday to pull up carpet and move furniture.  We worked from 8AM to 9PM on Saturday and then 9AM to 8PM on Sunday, and it’s still not finished… But we don’t have too terribly much left that we need to do…  And it looks fantastic!

And these students of mine who helped were amazing.  They dove right in to help.  They cut angles better than I did (whoever said you don’t need geometry in your life has never put in flooring before).  They were constantly helpful and never once complained….  And it was probably the most fun I’ve had in a weekend in a long while.  Now, Erin and I just have to finish up the last bit, and everything will be perfect.

I guess I can cross this off my list of things I wanted to accomplish in the next five years. 🙂


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