The Power of the Gods

Head’s Up: This is a witness to the powers of the Gods, so if you don’t want to hear about just how awesome my Gods are, then you should probably stop reading here.

Twelve years ago, a friend of mine asked me if I believed in free will.  She said, “If God supposedly knows everything your past, present and future, wouldn’t He know what choices you were going to make?  And if that’s the case, does that mean you really have free will?  If God is in control, then how are you?”

At the time, I was all about being completely in control, and no one is going to tell me or know me well enough to predict what I’m going to do.  I told her I fully believed in free will, and that I was completely in control of my own actions and that was that.  Eventually that changed to “I have no control and God has all control,” which eventually morphed into “I have control, but I need to make sure that I choose what the Gods want me to choose.”

Which is where I’m at now.

When it comes to ritual heka (as opposed to every day heka), I don’t believe that you need props (aka, tools), but I do believe that they help channel and focus your energy.  They allow for your prayer to be better understood and channeled since you’re focused more on what you’re doing.  I say prayer here because I view prayer as asking the Gods/Higher Powers for something, and lets face it… nothing is actually going to happen unless the Gods want it to.  The Gods have the power, you are merely a conduit for that power to work, and if they want it, then it happens.

Anyway, when I lived in Massachusetts and just after moving back, I ran into some financial problems because I was stupid and let someone run me into debt.  While I was up there, I designed and performed a ritual prayer to ask the Gods that, if it was their will, I would be able to always provide for my family.  I might not necessarily have tons and tons of money, but I would have enough to where I could pay all my bills, put food on my table and still get some into savings.

Ever since then, I’ve been provided for whenever things have gotten tight, and I always give thanks whenever that happens.  It comes in forms most people might just see as coincidences, but I don’t.  I’ll get money at Christmas and then pack it away somewhere and forget about it, but when I desperately need it, I’ll find it while I’m cleaning.  I’ll get more money back on my taxes than I expected, or I’ll get a bump in my pay check or a drop in my bills right when a new, unexpected bill pops up (usually medical, usually my chiropractor, who is a miracle worker, by the way).

Sometimes it’s not actual money that I’m getting back but opportunities to make or save more money.  I work two jobs.  One is permanent: my teaching job, which pays my bills and puts food on my table.  I don’t have to work a second job, but I do because I love my second job, which is home bound teaching.  Home bound teaching is for students who are medically unable to attend school.  It’s temporary work and the hours aren’t guaranteed.  Sometimes I’ll work nothing in a week and sometimes I’ll work two to three hours a day.  Recently, I’ve been working two to three hours every day after school and on weekends with my home bounds to help get them caught up on their school work.  I love the family, and I’m so thankful that the two have been healthy enough recently for me to come, but I’m also thankful for the added hours to my paycheck.  They’re basically paying off my new floors.

And it’s interesting how things work out with them: I have a lot going on and really needed to be at home today to clean and start packing (we’re installing floors this weekend), but my home bounded needed me first (I was going to go see her in the hospital).  Right at the end of school, however, she called me and said she was getting discharged from the hospital today (excellent news!) and that coming today wasn’t going to work out (so everyone wins, divine intervention at it’s finest).

Sometimes it’s not anything to do with money.  Erin is allergic to NSAIDS.  Her allergist has her on an aspirin regiment (because to treat NSAID allergies, they work you up to a crazy amount of aspirin to take on the daily.  It overloads the allergy response cycle and basically shuts it down), but she also takes some medications to help keep down some side effects of the allergies.  These meds aren’t cheap; we’re talking $126 a month WITH insurance.  Luckily, we’re blessed enough so that we can afford these, but if we don’t have to pay for them, then we’d rather not.

We were less than 24 hours away from paying that $126 pharmacy bill when we were able to get a months worth of samples of the drug… for free.  When I was handed the bottles, I was told, “It was the craziest thing.  You contacted me asking for help, and when I looked, we had nothing… But then later that day, the rep came in and left us with this.  We usually don’t get anything like this during this time of the year either because the demand is so high.”

I honestly started tearing up.  It wasn’t something that we desperately needed, but it was definitely a welcomed gift given at the exact right moment.  Again, I fully believe that it was divine intervention.  I fully believe that the Gods provide for those that ask and those that remain humbly thankful for all that they’ve received.  Each and every time I see the Gods working in my life, I constantly remind myself and others that it was Their doing and Their will and wishes.

I’ve performed that prayer for a very few select friends, all of whom were looking for jobs, and all of whom found jobs within two weeks.  And each time I was thankful to the Gods for Their continued help and support.

The Gods are real, and they are working every day… In my life and anyone who chooses to believe and be faithful.


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