Hiking and The Lack There Of…

We ended up getting rained out of our hike, which is okay (we might try again for this weekend, but it depends on how I feel with this cough).  I ended up coming down with one hell of a bug on Sunday too.  I woke up coughing, aching and with a fever.  I thought I had the flu, and I was freaking out because that would mean that I would miss a week of work (doctor’s orders), so my dad came over and gave me the flu test.

And let me tell you what… that thing is NOT fun.  He stuck a swab so far up my nose, I swear it touched my brain.  But in the end, it came back negative.  We’re getting into crunch time with testing just around the corner, so I can’t afford to be out any more.

Which has made this week absolutely one of the most interesting weeks in my career.  Talking is a large part of my job.  I have to be able to be in front of the classroom to teach lessons, and I have to be able to communicate with students to help them when they need it.  When I got sick on Sunday, I worried about how I was going to manage.  It’s a 30:1 ratio in those rooms, and it can get loud quick.

I learned a lot about patience this week, and how to handle situations that aren’t going well without having to raise my voice to be heard.  I also learned a lot about the kindness of teenagers, which is very few and far between, but they know when to stop being jerks and help me out, so it’s nice to know they care.

I made it to work every day this week.  Monday and Tuesday were the worst, but every day I’ve gotten a little bit stronger.  I still have this killer cough, but the fatigue has gone away.

And my kids have been amazing: all 135 of them.  They keep asking me if I’m feeling better, and they’ve helped to get the class quieted down and focused, and they will listen to each other before they listen to me, so we’ve managed to get a lot done this week that I wasn’t expecting we’d be able to get done.  There’s not much time left before the end of the year.  We have April… and the May starts testing month… And then we get out on June 6th.

It’s been a tough week at work, but like always, the teenagers always seem to make it worth it.  I had a horrible experience in high school because I was gay and out at the time, and it wasn’t well accepted.  I did what I needed to do to do well and graduate, but it wasn’t like I was Ms. Popular or anything.  I swore I’d never teach, especially high school, because of that… But this job, and these kids, continue to surprise me each and every day.


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