Bucket-Listing and New Floors

Photo Mar 09, 2 49 46 PM

Look at them run back to us. Fantastic!

Erin and I went hiking on Sunday.  Our friend lent us some hiking books, so we went through them and found a hike we thought looked good and then went for it.  We took the dogs and managed to have them off leash (unless we were passing people, but that was rare).  I love having well trained dogs: they come when called and we can let them hike without restraint knowing that they’ll come back when we call to them.  It’s fantastic.

This hike was a short one, but we enjoyed it.  And the entire time, we kept talking about the future and what we wanted.  We talked about our plans for a family and different parenting techniques.  We talked about what we wanted to accomplish before we got starting having kids: get married, go to Europe, hike Table Rock, etc.

We have, what I like to call, a couple-bucket-list.  It’s a list of things we want to do together before things get “serious” in that we have kids.  We know that once we have kids, we aren’t going to be able to just drop the kids off to hiking for a day (because this trip is supposed to take 7 to 8 hours, and that’s not including the drive to get there) or pack our entire family up for a few years to go to Europe (I wouldn’t want to take my kids there until they could appreciate it the way they should).

Photo Mar 09, 2 54 14 PM

Muddy-dog is swimming. He’s such a water baby.

This area was very conducive to future-talking.  The area was very pretty, the day was nice and warm.  The ground wasn’t too soggy from the rain.

Photo Mar 09, 2 51 54 PM

Yeah, that’s mud…

After our hike on Sunday, there was some bathing of puppies that need to happen before we went over to have dinner with my parents and my aunt and uncle who were in town.  Once we got there, we told mom and dad about our desire to hike the Table Rock trail (it’s one of the most strenuous, if not THE MOST strenuous hike in South Carolina).

My parents both said what I was expecting:
Dad: I’ve done that hike twice, and mom’s done it once.
Mom: Yeah, before we had kids.
Dad: It’s a tough one… And it’s not exactly the safest hike around either.

After thinking about it, we decided that we were going to do it this weekend.  I’m not sure if we’re going to do it Saturday or Sunday yet, but we’re going to do it this weekend.  Table Rock’s Summit is one of the highest points in South Carolina at 3,157 feet above sea level.  It has five stars for strenuous in pretty much every hiking book and website that I’ve seen, so it’s a little daunting, but we’re excited about it.

There’s something to be said about the spiritual awakening or feeling of accomplishment that comes with marking things off of a list of life-long goals, whether they’re travel related or local (education/home/family).  And I’m big on goals.  When I decide I’m going to do something, then it’s going to happen.

Photo Mar 12, 6 27 42 PM

This is how the Gods wanted my hair to look: Nice and windblown

Now, I started writing this blog last night.  I stopped it, erased it all, and started over while at work today.  Now, it’s almost 8:00pm, and I can say that I’m on the way to a second of my bucket list goals this week as well: I bought flooring!  I’m not sure when this adventure is going to begin.  I’m waiting on a a friend who has the saw I need, but once that happens, it’s on.

On my previous blog, Milestones and Resolutions, I mentioned that I wanted to rip up my carpets and put down bamboo flooring.  Well, the bamboo wasn’t what I liked when I saw it next to my cabinets, so I went with poplar.  I’m really looking forward to putting it in with my friends.  I love home improvement projects, and this is going to be a good investment into my home, so when I sell it, it’s going to sell for more.

Photo Mar 12, 5 06 29 PM

It’s so pretty!

I haven’t done the stairs yet, but that’s next on the list, along with the kitchen floor (maybe).

I realize that this blog post wasn’t really spiritual in nature, but I’m so stoked about this that I had to share!

It’s laminate flooring, but it’s on the high end of laminate.  I got it because real hardwoods aren’t something I want in any house that isn’t my “permanent forever home.”  I plan on selling this townhouse in a few year once my family outgrows it.  Also, real hardwood floors in a townhouse: I wouldn’t get back the amount of money I spent on it when I sell.

I love marking things off my goals, and I can’t wait to mark the rest of them off as well.  Pictures to be coming soon of Table Rock and the Floor Project!


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  1. I find working on my living space to be a very spiritual experience despite it seeming terribly mundane. After all, you’re working to create something that makes it more your own and embracing. In any case, good luck! Also, your doggies are adorable.

    • It has been quite the spiritual experience for me. A lot more than I ever expected. I think there’s a sense of ownership in making something truly mine. And thanks! Yukon and Bentley are my babies. 🙂 they’re brats sometimes, but they’re adorable.

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