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This is another one of those random rant posts, but it’s not as much as the previous post.  Erin and I try to throw a party every so often.  It’s a gathering of friends, nothing super crazy.  We have dinner, we have a few drinks and there’s a lot of laughing to go around.  We had one for National Raccoon Day, which was really just a reason to have people over, and we also had a holiday party with a white elephant gift exchange.  That party was a huge success.  Not that the first one wasn’t either, but the second one was a lot fun.  It was Mexican themed and I made shrimp tacos.  Do not diss that til you try them because they were damn good.

Erin and I had talked about doing a prayer flag party at that event too, but then we figured it was going to be too much to do the white elephant, the tree dressing, AND a prayer flag event.  We cut the prayer flags out, but now I really want to bring that part back at the next event that we throw.

I got my mother’s hosting genes, I think, because I’m itching to have another get together.  We haven’t picked out a date yet, but I we have to wait to find out some big things happening in April first before we set anything down.

I want to do this one with the prayer flags.  We’ll have good food and good conversation and we’ll make prayer flags and then hang them up on the deck in the back yard of our house.  I’ve heard about prayer flags before, but it wasn’t until I attended a class at Central North Carolina’s Pagan Pride Day weekend that I actually got to make one.

From what I gathered in the class, prayer flags are traditionally used to bless an area, but they can also be used to carry prayers out into the world on the wind.  You put the prayer on the flags either written out or in picture form or in a combination of the two and then you hang them outside so that the prayers can be carried out into the world.  I have a vision of having two or three rows of these flags out on my back deck because I think they would be beautiful out there, but I just have to get together the time to either make them myself OR get the supplies together to create an event where people put communal energy together to create the flags.

I love the idea of communal energy work.  I think it magnifies the affect of any one person when you’re putting energy out into the world to make a change in a group setting rather than just individual.  Not to say that the individual can’t make a difference, just saying that differences tend to be larger in groups.

How awesome would it be to hold an informal ritual/spiritual night with friends over food and positive energy?  I’m so excited about it that I could bust!


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