Creating a New Religion

The last few days have been an interesting mix of just regular every day life, which started me down a path of thinking about the Bible.  Don’t ask me why my thoughts connect this way, they just do.  And I started to think about how the Old Testament is a collection of historic stories and laws where the God of the Bible is attributed to the lot of it.  The New Testament follows a guy who completely turned everything upside down in a really radical way and the follows the early church after his death.  When you have a group of God-fearing people, the easiest way to control that group is to make everything, good and bad, God’s fault.  Which is what the Bible does, it some respects.  It really does two big things: it describes phenomenon that people couldn’t understand at the time (such as creation) and says that God did it, and it describes how God interferes in the every day lives of mere mortals.

Well, I’m a mere mortal.  And the Gods are acting in my every day life.

Ancient Egypt has three main creation myths that I know of.  The Bible has two.  How we’ve interpreted these stories has changed over the years.  We’ve gone from a vengeful-wrathful God of the Bible to a loving and caring being and then back again in some regards.  Ancient myths are being retold with different morals: The story of the celestial cow isn’t about Ra’s vengeance on humanity for not believing, but his saving us from another world-ending apocalypse.

I wonder, and this might be where it starts getting random, if someone in the distant future will look back on our history books, interpret the stories to be acts of the Gods and create new religions.  There’s been a debate about “modern mythology” and “pop-culture” Paganism, but that’s not really what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about ancient stories… our current history… being reinterpreted in the distant future to become the new “Bible” or holy book.

And for that matter, what if I kept a journal now and wrote my life down with stories that heavily involved religious-lingo… and someone found it and decided it was divinely inspired, published it, and then started preaching about it.  I’m not saying that I should become the next holy person, but I’m saying that any of us could be.  I doubt Jesus wasn’t expecting to become who he became to Christianity.  The stories of his life were written well after his death.  Maybe the authors saw his life and believed it divine so they wrote it up that way.

I’m just saying, in the future, we could all be worshiped… /RandomRant


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