There’s Never Enough Energy


There’s a Mass fence in there somewhere.

The last few weeks have been insanely hectic.  South Carolina loves to cancel/delay/dismiss school if someone whispers the words snow or ice somewhere in the dark back corners of a third story room.  I’m a teacher, so it highly affects me and my job if there is snow or what someone might think of as snow on its way.  In the last month, we’ve lost about two weeks worth of instructional time over the “snow and ice.” (I put this in quotes because I lived in Massachusetts for a year through what we affectionately call the Snowpocalypse of 2011.  One of my professors in graduate school continuously reassured me that “it’s not always like this every year.”  The North’s definition of snow and the South’s are two very different things.)

The end result has me (and every other teacher in this district) being very, very behind.  Now, with one of my non-state-tested classes, this isn’t a huge deal.  We’ll catch up, and if we don’t, then it’s not a huge deal.  With my biology classes, I’m under pressure to make sure that we get through every tiny standard to insure that the students are well prepared for their state finals, which will help to determine what “grade” the school makes.  They won’t push back testing, and they’re probably not going to make us make up these days, so we’re screwed.

So what does that have to do with my faith?

Well, a little bit of everything.

Energy comes in many different forms: chemical, electrical, mechanical, light, sound, etc.  We, as humans, are actually more nothing than we are something.  Our tiny little atoms are held together by energy, and they hold to each other by energy.  When we touch something or when something touches us, the atoms interact and create a change-reaction that tells our brain we’ve had a sensation of touch.  When light enters our eyes, the energy from the light interactions with he energy of our atoms and does he same thing, only creating vision.

We are, in the most basic sense, a walking, talking sack of chemical reactions that is interacting and creating more chemical reactions with all the walking, talking and not walking or talking sacks of chemicals and chemical reactions out in the world.  We are, honestly, energy.

The thing about energy, though, is that it cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred from one state to the next.  The planet gets it’s most basic energy from the sun and then releases its most chaotic energy as heat.  It’s a cycle.

When we perform actions, we use energy and release it into the world.  That energy goes out and it interacts with whatever it is that we’re doing.  If we are helping someone, that energy goes out and helps that person.  It’s transferred from us to whomever we’re helping.  If we put out energy to harm someone else, that energy goes out and does just that: harms another.

In both cases, we expend energy out and transfer it into another form, which leaves us with less energy than we started with.  Much of the day, we put energy out, out, out.  Maybe it’s work or school or volunteering or just whatever our daily life requires, but we spend our energy during the day.  Then at night, when the energy level usage in the planet is low (because the majority of species that are major energy users are active during the day only), we sleep and gain back a level of energy to get us through the day.

But I know I’m not the only one who, at the end of the day, thinks “There’s not enough time or enough energy for me to complete everything I need to complete.”  Why is that?  Because all we do all day is give out our energy to everyone and everything else, and we tend to leave very little to ourselves.

Now, I’m just as bad at making time for myself as the next person, but it’s important.  That’s why, in so many books, there is such a focus on making sure to meditate and take time to recenter, ground and bring back your focus.  It allows us time throughout the day to regain some of the energy that we’ve spent.

In every ritual I’ve seen, the first thing you do is ground and focus.  It’s to gain energy that’s needed to perform what it is that you’re trying to accomplish.  Imagine if we took that philosophy into our every day rituals: working with others, helping others, teaching others.

If, before we open the door to our next course of action, we stop, ground, focus and visualize what we want and what we are trying to accomplish, we can gather the energy we need to accomplish our tasks.  It’s taking our ritual practice into the every day life.

Positive visualization can play a huge part in turning our lives into what we want them to be, and grounding and focusing can help us get to that point that we see.

A few years ago, I wasn’t in the place that I am now.  I hadn’t done well on an important test for the graduate school that I wanted to attend, and I was starting to question my future and what I wanted to do.  It put me into a fairly low place emotionally and spiritually.  It wasn’t until I stepped back, refocused and visualized that I was able to see where I wanted to be and how to get there.  Then I was able turn my life into what I wanted.  It wasn’t any formal ritual, but it was still a form of heka, or “magic” as the Kemetics call it.

When I finally got around to visualizing my ideal mate, that’s when she walked into my life.  I wanted someone funny, nerdy, healthy and well educated.  Someone I could spend my time with and not feel bored or burdened.  I visualized her in my mind and refocused my life onto a more positive path.  When I did that, she appeared.

There are still days when I feel like there’s not enough energy to accomplish what I need to accomplish, but there are also times when I feel that way, refocus, and then make it easily through whatever it is I am trying to accomplish.  The idea is to not spend so much time focusing on the everything and just focus on the current task at hand.

My challenge to everyone this week, including myself, is to evaluate what your formal ritual practice is and see how you can “informalize” it to incorporate it into your every day life so that you can gain back some energy throughout the day rather than just using it all up trying to complete everything you have to do.


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